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    Parking heaters, complete sets and accessories. The Autoterm Air and Flow (air and water) diesel parking heaters, formerly known as Planar and Binar, have become an integral part of the camper self-installation. They are regarded as extremely robust and reliable. They can be installed by laymen without loss of warranty, are economical in consumption and, especially in combination with our silencer, are whisper-quiet in operation. We are committed to Autoterm as official distributor in Germany. 
    Our own new developments, such as a special installation flange, as well as carefully compiled complete sets and extensive accessories, make self-installation even easier.

    For more cosiness and vanlife-romanticism we have another icing on the cake in this category: the beautiful, small stainless steel diesel stove Siberia. Just like the wood stove (only without all the dirt) you can enjoy the view of the dancing flames.